Max Burwick

Attorney, Author, Coach

Some people are born leaders, while others become one out of necessity. From a young age, Max needed to rise to the demands of a difficult environment. His father and youngest sister have juvenile diabetes, and his other sister was born with a severe cognitive disability. He learned early on the realties of dealing with chronic diseases, from finding healthcare solutions, financial issues and experiencing first hand the real emotional toll that sickness has on a family. Witnessing this as a child, he came to understand two key factors that would influence who he would later become. The first is that we are all responsible for helping other people, and that responsibility cannot be passed off. Secondly, if we are going to improve the lives of others, we need to understand the most effective system for doing so.


Max carried these lessons into his professional life, where he attributes his success to “never selling”. Instead, he focused on helping his clients to solve a problem. He built a successful personal training business and, later on, became a top sales person in the busy New York moving industry. He did all of this with an unwavering focus on the client’s needs as his number one priority.


During the five years he spent as a rescue swimmer in the US Navy, his unrelenting work ethic and natural leadership abilities earned him the title of Team Motivator, the guy who could rally the men together and get them fired up in the darkness of the early morning hours.

Before continuing on to law school, Max worked as a consultant with a law firm, working to develop the internal systems required to handle the overwhelming influx of litigation caused by the financial crisis. His custom designed system allowed the firm to manage their litigation schedule and continue to bring in new business.

As a law student, Max immersed himself in the world of sophisticated business, and was recruited to work in the space industry on several projects. During that time he researched novel financial products, policy shifts, and predicted the resulting impact as it applied to various industries. He turned down an internship with NASA to clerk in the complex business litigation division of the Eleventh Circuit Court in Miami, Florida. This opportunity allowed him to act as a deciding factor involving several complex questions of law.

After graduating from law school and passing the New York Bar Exam, Max moved to Shanghai, where he worked in cross-border financial transactions and financial fraud litigation. The experience as a whole led him to question the structure of entire business models and led him to his current path of innovation.

Max founded Burwick Consulting over two years ago. During its first year of operation, the company helped people double their income, find new careers, recover from addictions, find solutions for disabilities, found new companies, and create lasting positive behavioral changes.

Although Max was successful as a coach, he was not satisfied. He knew that, in order to impact larger markets, he would need to develop a system supported by empirical evidence that would yield better financial results for his clients.

Max founded Burwick Consulting with the understanding that business is not just business; business is personal. That what companies do has a real impact on the economy, governmental policy, the environment, and the lives of customers, employees and their families.

When companies understand that their business is personal, there is a direct impact on profitability, and a tangible increase in the quality of life for each individual involved with the organization. This is the vision of Burwick Consulting.