Max Burwick

Attorney, Author, Coach

Max has a long history of leadership and success. During his Naval Service, he completed the rescue swimmer course. This course has an attrition rate of 75%. He was named class motivator by his classmates and was promoted to the assistant class leader by his instructors.

Max’s success in sales began in his teens working at Gap Kids, where shoppers would tip him for the experience they had shopping for their children’s clothing. This success would continue in every endeavor from building a successful personal training business, to, during his college years, becoming a top salesperson in the New York City moving industry. Max attributes his success in sales to never selling. Instead, he always focused on his clients’ needs and helping them to solve their problems.


Before law school, Max worked with a law firm to develop internal systems designed to handle the influx of litigation caused by both the financial crisis, and the closure of one of the biggest regional law firms handling similar issues. He developed a customized system designed to handle thousands of inbound foreclosure litigation cases that were time-sensitive. Max developed and implemented this system, helping the firm to manage their litigation schedule and continue to bring in new business.

During law school, as a student, he was recruited to work in the space industry as a consultant on several projects. He spent a significant amount of time researching novel financial products, policy shifts, and predicting the impact of those policy shifts on multiple industries. Max turned down an internship with NASA to clerk in the complex business litigation division of the 11th Circuit in Miami, Florida. This opportunity allowed him to be a deciding factor on several complex questions of law.

After graduating from law school and passing the New York Bar Exam, Max moved to Shanghai China. While there he worked in cross-border financial transaction and financial fraud litigation. This experience caused Max to question specific business models and led him on the path of innovation, which laid the groundwork for Burwick Consulting.

Max founded Burwick Consulting two years ago. During this time, Max has helped people double their income, find new careers, recover from addictions, find solutions to disabilities, create positive lasting behavioral changes, and found new companies.