Max Burwick

Attorney, Author, Coach

Some people may be born leaders; others are given the gift of leadership as a result of their life’s story. Max is the oldest of three, and from a young age understood the importance of caring for others. His family shaped much of his actions as a young adult and in founding Burwick Consulting. His youngest sister and father have juvenile diabetes, and his other sister has a severe cognitive disability. He was younger than most when he realized the issues inherent in dealing with chronic diseases; everything from finding healthcare solutions, financial realities, and the real emotional toll that sickness can have on a family.


Witnessing this as a child, he understood two factors that influenced whom he would become. First, that we are all responsible for helping other people and that responsibility cannot be passed off. Second, that effective systems are critical to improving the lives of others.

Max has a long history of leadership and motivation. During his Naval Service, he completed the rescue swimmer course. A course with an attrition rate of 75%; an impressive statistic. However, what was truly impressive was being named by his classmates as the team motivator, the guy you could depend on to get you fired up in the darkness of 4:30 am.

Prior to law school, Max worked with law firms to develop internal systems designed to handle the influx of litigation caused by the financial crisis and the closure of one of the biggest regional law firms handling similar matters. He developed a custom system designed to handle thousands of inbound foreclosure litigation cases that were time sensitive. Max developed and implemented this system helping the firm to manage their litigation schedule and continue to bring in new business.

During law school, Max had the opportunity to learn about sophisticated business. As a student, he was recruited to work in the space industry as a consultant on several projects. He spent a significant amount of time researching novel financial products, policy shifts, and predicting the impact of those policy shifts on multiple industries. Max turned down an internship with NASA to clerk in the complex business litigation division of the 11th Circuit in Miami, Florida. This opportunity allowed him to be a deciding factor on several complex questions of law.

After graduating from law school and passing the New York Bar Exam, Max moved to Shanghai China. While there he worked in cross-border financial transaction and financial fraud litigation. This experience caused Max to question specific business models and led him on the path of innovation which laid the groundwork for Burwick Consulting.

Max Founded Burwick Consulting three years ago with the understanding that business is not just business, that business is personal. That what companies do has a real impact on the economy, the lives of employees, their families, and the environment. Burwick Consulting takes the approach that when companies consider their business as personal, then there is a direct impact on company profitability and an increase in the quality of life for everyone involved with the organization.