Mission-Based Management

An Innovative Approach to Organizational

Like people, no two organizations are alike; consequently, there should not be reliance by consultants to use out of the box solutions, each organization deserves a custom fit. Burwick Consulting using a unique framework to streamline the procedures, but creates custom solutions for each organization.


Intake and Assessment


During intake we gather information about historical performance; organizational & leadership’s heuristics; current strategies & their effectiveness; beliefs about leadership, management style, & motivation; future strategy & projections; and assumptions about the desired change.


The purpose of gathering this information is to develop an accurate picture of the organization, its people and how it makes decisions. This information is necessary for the development of the consulting strategy, and to determine the appropriate type of coaching to facilitate the deployment of the plan.


Burwick Consulting gathers this information through a series of interviews and conversations with employees on all levels of the organization. We include all levels because we believe that often there are communication gaps between organizational policy objectives and operators; consequently, we facilitate discussions with different members of an organization to identify the degree of alignment between leadership, policy, and operators.


We also gather information about past strategic objectives, and how those correlate to traditional financial data. This information gives an accurate view of the organization.




During analysis, we research and test organizational assumptions to determine their effectiveness. Additionally, we gather information to compare factually similar situations and case studies to identify a new course of action. We also explore academic and empirically established research to dispel ineffective heuristics which assists in the development of the appropriate strategy.


Strategy Development


Strategy development begins with clearly identifying objectives and testing the validity of those objectives to determine whether they deliver the desired results. During this stage, we use the information gathered during the intake, assessment and analysis phases. We develop custom strategies as well as using existing approaches from similar situations if appropriate.


When making strategic determinations, we consider current resources, timing, costs, available technologies, and the desired objectives.


Execution and Coaching


During this phase, we work with the individuals on all levels of the organization. The majority of the coaching occurs with leadership and management. However, at different times throughout this part of the consulting relationship, we work with individuals lower in the organization’s hierarchy to determine the effectiveness and degree of implementation of the new strategies. The information gathered here is critical for determining the appropriate adjustments to the approach to achieve the desired results.


Coaching is a broad concept. We use multiple different methodologies to educate and train each person. At Burwick Consulting, we prefer to depart from the usage of a predefined coaching methodology because we find that rigidity, and a non-custom approach does not create long-term results. We focus on aligning an individual’s beliefs, behaviors, and decision making with organizational philosophy and objectives. The result is improvements in organizational efficiency, as well as meaningful personal growth.


Exit, and Future Strategic Support


After the strategy implementation,  and organizational leadership has received the appropriate training, Burwick Consulting will disengage. At predetermined intervals, Burwick Consulting will follow-up with organizational leadership to determine the effectiveness of the updated strategy. If necessary, Burwick Consulting will re-engage with the organization to support updates.