Daniel Mevs

Computer Science

Daniel Mevs is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics at Florida Atlantic University. His tools of analysis include derivation and integration, a firm grasp in series computation, matrix theory as a conceptual framework for linear systems of equations and a concrete understanding of Discrete Mathematics. His programming languages of choice include Python, Javascript, SQL, PHP, jQuery, C++/ C, and Java. His expertise in internet computing range from basic HTML, CSS to complex applications done with such frameworks such as Ionic, React, Angular, and Spring.


His Computer Science qualifications include a foundational background in Data Structures, Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Algorithms and paradigms such as Object Oriented Design and Functional Programming. His Github, with examples of hash tables, search trees, spreadsheet automation, sorting algorithms, and other mathematical computations can be found at https://github.com/DanielMevs

For Daniel, working is more than just work. It is a reflection of one’s deepest self. His efforts reflect his passion to improve the lives of others by perfecting the science of data analytics.