Alex Pepper

Machine Learning

Alex Pepper is a Math major and is minoring in Statistics at Florida Atlantic University.

He began teaching himself programming at age 14. Alex has a strong understanding of abstract algebraic systems, computational mathematics, linear algebra, and computational analysis. Alex’s programming languages include Python, Ruby, Haskell, APL, C, Fortran, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, SQL, Basic, R, Latex, Bash, and Lua. He is familiar with the packages required for data analysis, machine learning and AI including PyTorch, Matplotlib, Seaborne, NumPy, SciPy and GG Plot 2.

Alex has implemented several machine learning projects including the seminal work training an AI with a single input to play video games. He has also created custom software to automate various business processes. Additionally, his professional experience includes linear regression modeling, spreadsheet automation, scripting algorithms, and data manipulation.

Alex believes that the power of implementing technology allows people and organization to save time, money and energy which create the opportunity to focus on what matters most.